The following are changes to the FFL Rule Book for the 2023 season that clarify and modify certain items based on prior seasons' precedents (more details on each of the below items can be found in the Rule Book itself):

Rule 3-A:
Moves the deadline to submit depth charts to the league to the Sunday before the first game of the season.

Rule 4-A:
Clarifies that lineups must be filled at all positions, even if a coach has no available players at a given position for a given week.

Rule 4-D:
Updated to allow for hardship submissions of lineups if the coach is unable to submit a lineup during the normal time period; the commissioner will work with the coach to accommodate, and the coach should inform the commissioner of the unforeseen circumstances.

Rule 4-I:
Updated the Depth Chart Instance Policy for the 2023 season; see the Policy for further details.

Rule 7-O: Changes the free agent bidding process so that whatever a coach bids reflects the amount they are willing to pay, and if the coach wins the bid, they get the player for the exact amount bid (regular tiebreak rules still apply); this replaces prior process where the coach who won the bid would receive the player for $0.5 million more than second-highest bid, or for league minimum if they were sole bidder.

Rule 10-C: If a coach attempts to sign a player on waivers, it will be treated as a waiver claim.

Rule 10-D: If a coach who attempted to sign a player on waivers is awarded the claim, the player they attempted to cut would be the one released.

Rule 12-B-7: Players can be placed on IR if they are not on an NFL roster but is injured and otherwise IR-eligible; the commissioner can approve placement if the player is projected to miss most or all of the season.

Rule 13: The following scoring plays for the Pro Bowl have been added: QB loses a point for each interception thrown, QB/RB/WR/TE loses a point for each fumble lost (no change if offense recovers), DEF earns 2 points for every interception or recovered fumble not returned for touchdown.

Rule 14-G:
A coaches' committee designated by the commissioner will discuss and name the winners of the league awards (MVP, LVP, ROY, COY), replacing the ranked-choice voting that was attempted in the 2022 season.