The following are changes to the FFL Rule Book for the 2024 season that clarify and modify certain items based on prior seasons' precedents (more details on each of the below items can be found in the Rule Book itself):

Rule 2-D:
Added clarification that violations of roster requirements must be resolved prior to RFA re-signing deadline day

Rule 3-A: Added clarification that if commissioner must set a team's depth chart, he will announce to the league which site he is using and the players' rankings on said site; if vacant slots on roster, he will activate players from the practice squad in reverse order of their selection in draft (as stated in Rule 8-F), and if slots still remain, he will take temporary control of team to fill out roster (as stated in Rule 4-E)

Rule 4-F: Added clarification that "carry-over" players must be clearly removed by a coach if submitting a partial lineup for pre-Sunday 1:00 games; if carry-over player is not listed in email in any manner, then it will be assumed that the player is remaining in lineup for such games

Rule 14-F: Added clarification that replacement players for Pro Bowl will be chosen regardless of whether they played prior to usual lineup deadline as noted in Rule 4-F; as Pro Bowl is exhibition, the normal substitution rules do not apply

Rule 14-G: Added clarification that the commissioner will name the all-FFL team, as well as an all-rookie team if circumstances allow

Rule 15-D: Added that if dispersal draft is to be held, and contraction occurred prior to Draft Day, then that draft would take place after rookie draft but before Free Agency; if contraction occurred after Draft Day, commissioner would make arrangements to disperse players from contracted teams